Sight Studio
Diana Nikolova

Sight Studio Photography - Architecture, Advertising, Product Photography, Fine-Art Portraits

Sight Studio is a photography studio founded by Diana Nikolova. Sight Studio specializes in architecture photography, more unique black & white photography and still photography, delivering unique, high-end photographic solutions for architects, manufacturers, marketers and other professionals through its areas of architecture, advertising and product photography and fine-art portraits.

The online portfolio of features examples of some of the best photographic works of Diana Nikolova structured in professional and personal projects, with photographies in the categories of architecture, fine-art portraits and product photography.

Through the Sight Studio website you can also access the latest news and contents from and even contact Diana Nikolova for your next project.

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Don't hesitate to contact us for your next photographic project. Get in touch with Diana Nikolova, photographer, at Sight Studio, Lipnik 52, Ruse-7000 Bulgaria. We're available to travel and we're able to develop photography projects all around the world.